I am Tomohiro Zengo, a freelance translation coordinator.
I have enough experiences for working on operation manuals for users.

25 years and more as translation coordinator, including 13 year-experience in translation companies, handling 30 languages and more (see Supporting languages).
English writing based on Japanese materials.

I have some experiences for website development and management / smartphone apps development.

Sometimes working on creating puzzles as an assistant.

See Fields for more details.

2018-10-12zPublishersを始動しました(not translated)
2017-07-15メッセージボードのアクセス障害(not translated)
2017-04-27ゴールデンウィーク中の業務について(not translated)
2017-02-16ホームページ障害情報(解消済)(not translated)
2016-12-27年末年始の予定について(not translated)

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